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Educational Philosophy

Traditional schooling is a system of stage gates organized around 600 year old technology (The book). The impact of this system and technology on our species has been profound, as we leveraged the ability to transport collective imagination between time and space.


Today we are at the start of the 4th industrial revolution, which belongs to the polymathic generalist who is consistently looking to learn, and generate socially beneficial value, via connections that are not always obvious. To create the polymathic generalist, we must focus students on conscious exposure to mental frameworks, mental training and strategic access. They must see technologies, innovations and social constructs as  tools to enhance the productivity, humanness and sustainability of economic life. 


Within mental frameworks, it is our belief that will, strategic imagination and habit formation are essential components of self regulated, creative learners, that understand the imperative nature of sustainable societal economic designs. 


Students need to learn to harness willpower to focus their intentions, and to maintain efforts in the face of distractions and obstacles. Curiosity and the ability to follow interests give students the opportunity to be immersed in and to develop multiple passion projects that help them to direct their willpower over periods of time, as they become absorbed in their learning. 


Strategic imagination allows students and educators to see new possibilities and new intersubjective realities. Fostering strategic imagination gives students the ability to see results, the steps to those results, and the ability to form new ideas, which will help unlock solutions to personal,  local and global challenges.  


Habit formation is the ability to construct routines and patterns that help to achieve desired outcomes. Understanding the importance of habits and patterns in the world around us, will allow students to see, predict and orchestrate changes that can come from reorganizing, personal and societal habits that are insync with patterns that lead us to desired outcomes.


In a world where information grows exponentially, it is crucial that students learn how to learn, manage the volume of information, and make connections.. Combining the above with strategic access to information and innovation, from which students can attain the mastery of adaptive learning, while pursuing guided personalized learning, will lead to societal transformations and more purpose driven, economically future proofed  lives.

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Essential and personalized learning

Essential learning has less to do with content and more to do with the key skills and understanding the student will need to make sense of the content and the world in which they find themselves. Reading as thinking, writing as communication, and the ability to think mathematically and uncover patterns.


Personalized learning has less to do with standardized teacher directed instruction and more to do with leveraging passion projects and interest content as vehicles to help students learn how to learn and be solutions focused.

TomorrowNow Learning Lab Quadrants

At TomorrowNow Learning Labs, instead of breaking up the day into subjects we divide the day into quadrants. The first two quadrants are based on essential learning related to language and math. Here we focus on habit formation, mental frameworks and gap analysis

The next two quadrants focused on project based learning, and mental frameworks.


The teacher is more of a learning designer, a project manager and a specialized tutor that can provide more one on one and help leverage the Internet to find additional resources to solve problems and complete tasks.

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Intentional mental sprints

Students will be encouraged to have dedicated mental sprints followed by consolidation. Sprints will last between 2 to 4 weeks. Students will report on their progress and consistently reflect on their learning and the exemplars of their peers.

Mental Well Being

TomorrowNow Learning Labs place high importance on mental resilience and well being. We will encourage students to have a deeper understanding of self and to practice mindfulness,  community circles, and daily check ins. We will also foster virtual community connections across time and space

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TomorrowNow Micro Lab in your space

Let us create a TomorrowNow Micro Learning Lab, where a small group of students (Typically 5 to 10 students) come together to learn with a trained certified teacher. Your child will experience the socialization of a school program, while benefiting from more personalized attention and guidance.

The TomorrowNow Micro Learning Labs encourage students and teachers to explore creative ways to curate and achieve desired outcomes, while using Canadian curriculum linked resources. Students will reignite their love of learning, and develop a deeper understanding of how to learn.


TomorrowNow Micro Labs include:


  • ChromeBook Laptop with curriculum linked resources and collections for grades 6 to 8

  • TomorrowNow Learning Lab framework

  • Evidenced based, critical thinking and reflection platform

  • Vetting, hiring, and training of TomorrowNow educators

  • Weekly status reports and student reflection progress Vlogs.

  • Opportunities for one on one learning strategist sessions

  • 9am to 3:30pm learning

  • TomorrowNow will hire and pay your teacher on your behalf, so you do not have to worry about taxes and benefits etc.

  • Priority placement at one of the TomorrowNow Learning Labs (Coming soon)

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