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Edwin digital learning ecosystem

Edwin is a digital learning ecosystem that gives students Canadian curriculum linked resources, interactive tools and curated collections to keep students engaged.


  • A deep library of trusted quality resources linked to curriculum

  • Powerful tools for multiple modes of learning and teaching

  • Seamless integration with existing systems and workflow

  • Continuous collaborative and accessible even when education is remote

Peer Scholar Critical reflection peer assessment platform

Peer Scholar is a critical reflection peer assessment platform that embodies a large sent of evidence based learning practices to give students structured critical thinking and reflection skills.


  • In a single Peer Scholar activity students repeatedly exercise critical thought, creative thought, expressive communication and receptive communication

  • This happens within a supportive context

  • Peer Scholar is a product of the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab

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Immersive technology

Immersive technology has impacted learning in significant ways.

  • According to a Price Waterhouse Cooper report, students learned 4 times faster using immersive technologies vs regular classroom.

  • Students were 275% more confident to apply skills after training.

  •  Students were 3.75 times more emotionally connected to content than classroom learners.

  • Students were also 4 times more focused than their e learning peers.

Innovative collaborations and relationships

To prepare students to thrive in a digitally transformed environment students, teachers and parents will need to have a sense of how this transformation will provide opportunities for them to co-create the type of future they wish to see:

  • We will use project based learning resources from Apple.

  •  Students will have a chance to experience A.I, voice, mixed reality, and robotics  innovations from GlobalDWS that actually transform the world of work. 

  • We will connect with other innovative schools around the world to foster student collaboration and international connections

  • We will connect and collaborate with other innovation hubs and corporate partners

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