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Preparing students for Tomorrow Now

We prepare students to thrive in a digitally transformed world by leveraging mental frameworks, digital learning ecosystems, immersive technologies and personalized learning

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About Us

The TomorrowNow Learning Labs offer a future focused approach to personalized learning and assessment. Help your child confidently grow through the TomorrowNow adaptive and project based learning framework. This program uses the most innovative digital learning ecosystem, an evidence based critical thinking assessment platform and immersive learning technologies to create an authentic learning experience.

Our Focus

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Personalized learning

Personalized learning  leverages passion projects as vehicles to help students learn how to learn.

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Essential Learning

Essential learning focuses on key skills and understandings that provide the tools to explore and communicate curiosity and wonder. Reading as thinking, writing and communicating and math as pattern seeking are examples of essential learning.

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TomorrowNow Learning Lab Quadrants

At TomorrowNow Learning Labs, instead of breaking up the day into subjects, we divide the day into quadrants around essential and personalized learning. Then we find the best innovations to help us get the job done.

“The future of education is not technology led. The future of education is human led, purpose driven and technology augmented”

Dwayne Matthews


Want to prepare your child for TomorrowNow?

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Canadian Curriculum + Singapore Math

TomorrowNow Learning Labs leverages a variety of Canadian curriculum and Singapore Math. Through the Edwin digital learning ecosystem we have access to curriculum linked resources from all the provinces of Canada and the world renowned Singapore Math methodology. We take a student centric approach and place emphasis on learning that is project based and increasingly personalized.

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